Iced Rice Pudding Brulee with Smashed Blackberries

Tweet Last weekend I decided to make a little effort in the usual Friday night tea, and go for a little three course for me and Mr. I’ve seen some interesting dishes lately, usually via Great British Chefs and whilst I tend not to follow them, they do prove useful for inspiration. With this in mind, […]


Tweet I started taking some photos of the blossom on the trees in our garden, then noticed this little fellow, and couldn’t resist. Would have preferred him to be sitting up instead of lounging to one side, but I can’t have everything.

Yet More Flowers

Tweet I know, more flowers. Had a busy day, and these caught my eye when I took the dog for a walk. Something more interesting tomorrow (I hope).


Tweet We went for a walk with the in laws and all the blossom seems to be out there, unlike here. I couldn’t resist the prettiness.

Sparkle 20th January 2011

Tweet What a dull, foggy day it was today. I could barely see the end of the drive, but luckily I spied the frost on the tree in the front garden, with the beautiful drops of water twinkling through the weak sunlight, like a collection of the finest crystals. Ok, so my description is somewhat […]