Thankful Thursday #4

Back to school week, and back to work for me. It’s a busy one, as usual, and I am looking forward to the weekend (although with Mr away I’m flying solo, so it’s a case of no rest for the wicked, I fear). I had planned to paint Youngest’s bedroom last weekend, but a bout of GirlFlu put paid to that, so it’s still very much on the To Do list (which gets longer by the day!) So what’s been so good this week?

Halloween Fun

halloween Yes, I dislike Halloween, but I go through the motions for the children’s sake. If it was up to me, I’d close the curtains and sit in the dark, but apparently I’m outvoted. So heading out to an organised Halloween event made it a bit easier for me this year, and I didn’t feel I had to “do” stuff for the children so much – no apple bobbing, themed meals or decorating the house this year, although we did do the obligatory pumpkin carving (and I only sustained two injuries!). The Haunted Halloween at Lowther Castle was a fun way to spend the evening, and Eldest won the costume competition with his Headless Man outfit. Fish and chips picked up on the way home finished off the (late) night perfectly.


The Power of Speech

I am a great believer in free speech (as long as tact is also observed) and I like the fact that my children feel confident enough to be able to tell me what they think (even if it does sometimes verge on the cheeky). But this week I am mostly thankful that I can speak at all. My GirlFlu resulted in laryngitis, which I seem to get on a semi-regular basis, and even after three days I am doing a sterling impression of the illegitimate lovechild of Mariella Frostrup and The Gruffalo. Everyone else find it amusing, though, and I am just grateful that the initial squeaky phase has passed and I can actually make myself heard at all.


Pharmaceutical Companies

On a similar note, I am grateful for over the counter medication, in the form of pain relief and decongestant tablets. They, along with the simpler comforts of hot squash and chicken soup, do amazing things, and make feel human again!


Crisp Mornings

Oh I know I go on about Cumbria being wonderful, but really, this was my view on the way to work on Tuesday…


I was driving above the clouds! The road dips down into the village i was working in, and, having left home in dense fog, the scene here was utterly delightful. I have tried (and failed) twice to be atop a mountain for a temperature inversion, but I fear this will be the closest I’ll get.


My Husband

My husband. My best friend, my soul mate, my other (better?) half, and last weekend, my nursemaid. I’m not sure if he forced me back to bed on Saturday morning out of actual pity or just because he didn’t want to hear my snuffling any more, but whatever the reason, it worked, so I thank him for looking after me. Today there was a minor crisis when Eldest’s train was cancelled, meaning he couldn’t get to school, so Husband drive him twenty miles to his school. Of course he would. What else would hedo? He’s hardly going to leave him, but still, I am grateful for the way he is able to keep Eldest calm, at a time when I know he would be panicking about being late for school. He’s a star and I love him, and I don’t tell him often enough that I am grateful for him being, well, him.


What are you thankful for?


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