Upcycled Beaded Bracelet Watch

Beaded Bracelet WatchAbout six weeks ago, I broke my watch. I was rushing about, and banged it on a wall, breaking the chain strap where it attaches to the face of the watch. I was a bit gutted, as I have had it for a few years, and it was a very pretty watch – the kind you can wear everyday, but is pretty enough to wear with a posh frock too. But these things happen, and there’s no point being upset about it. I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult for a jeweller to repair, so I duly took it off to my local Jeweller’s Workshop. They said they could fix it, so I left it with them and collected it a week or so later. Well, what a mess it was! They had said they wouldn’t be able to replace screws, but they would use rivets and it would still look dainty. They must have a different definition of dainty than I know, because my pretty silver watch looked clumsy and ugly now. After some deliberation, I took it back and asked them to undo what they had done, and I would try to get it repaired elsewhere (or just buy a new one). Watches aren’t particularly expensive these days, and you can get perfectly nice ones for under £20, so I decided to keep a lookout for one that I liked. Only it turns out there weren’t any that I especially liked. For the first couple of weeks, I felt lost without a watch, but to be honest, I got used to it and managed quite well.

But I still wanted *my* watch back.

Seeing as it was going to have to be sent away to the manufacturer to be properly repaired, I decided to have a go at making a new strap for it myself. I have jewellery wire and some pretty beads from previous projects, so yesterday afternoon I spent an hour putting together a beautiful beaded bracelet watch strap, which I am very pleased with, and, as with most of the things I do, it was so simple!

I didn’t take photos as I was going along, but this is how I did it.

Beaded Bracelet Watch

You will need:

Watch face
Jewellery wire (or small jump rings)
bead stringing wire (Mine is silver coloured, 0.46mm)
Selection of beads
Crimp beads
Lobster clasp (or other fastening)
Round nose jewellery pliers

1. Using your round nose pliers, bend your jewellery wire into rings, threading through the holes where the watch straps attach. If you have jump rings, gently open them with your pliers, and use these instead, and close tightly.

2. Thread the bead stringing wire through the jump rings, bend back on itself and fasten in place with a crimp bead. Use your pliers to flatten the crimp bead shut. Cut the string, so that it is long enough to fasten around your wrist, allowing a little extra for error.

watch3. Thread your beads onto the string to make the bracelet, and when it is long enough, thread on another crimp bead. Add one half the of the clasp, then bend the string back on itself, through the crimp bead. Use your pliers to flatten the crimp bead, and secure the string.

4. Repeat for the other half of the strap, checking that it is the right length before finishing, then adorn your wrist with your pretty new beaded bracelet watch, and wait for it to be admired.

I’m really pleased with my result, and it’s rather nice knowing that I have a totally unique timepiece that also works as a pretty piece of jewellery too.


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