Having been married for 10 years, we don’t bother making a fuss of Valentine’s Day… no lavish gifts or unnecessary flowers in our house. A card and dinner, and turning the laptops off, maybe. But I still like to give Husband (and the boys) a little something. With our Florida trip rapidly approaching (yay!) we are not spending on anything frivolous, but being a crafty (ish) type, I thought I’d whip something up as a token of my affection. It couldn’t be food (see aforementioned Florida trip) and I wanted it to be something less tangible – something we could do, rather than have (stop sniggering, at the back). I thought of Love Coupons, but wanted something a little different, so I decided to make some Valentine’s Scratchcards… similar to love coupons, but with an air of mystery, to add to the excitement. This is what they look like:


So, if you have suddenly decided you need a bargainatious yet thoughtful gift for your Valentine, here’s what you will need:

Card (any colour – clearly I used pink)
Sticky backed plastic (the kind you covered books with at school)
Paint (I used silver, but any colour is fine)
Washing up liquid

If you want to make the envelope too, I used:

Fancy paper (that we had left over from our wedding invitations, 10 years ago)
Ribbon (ditto)
Paper rose (ditto)

It really was incredibly easy – the hardest part was thinking what to put as the prizes (and to make it more fun you can make one of the prizes something for you – a booby prize for him, so to speak… stop it 😉 )

So, here’s what you do:

1. Decide on your design and use photoshop/word/GIMP to design your cards, with the prizes inside 3 heart shapes.
2. This is what I didn’t think of until after… Reverse the heart shape you used and then print however many you need (plus some extras because I can almost guarantee you will mess at least one up) on the back of the sticky backed plastic.
3. Mix the paint with some washing up liquid – about 2 parts paint to 1 part washing up liquid, and paint it on the sticky backed plastic. Leave to dry then repeat, as necessary until you have a thick enough covering that it can’t be seen through.
4. Cut out the hearts (you needed to reverse them so that they now match up with the ones on the cards) and stick them on the cards.

And that’s it!

For the envelopes, I just cut a piece of the paper so the right size to make a pretty envelope, and glued the edges in place. The card then gets slotted inside, and use the ribbon and rose to tie it up.

There you have it – a cool, easy, romantic and fun Valentine’s pressie. You can make a few and hide them to be found throughout the day, which is nice if you aren’t going to be together.

What thrifty Valentine’s gifts have you given or received? I’d love some ideas for next year!


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