So, only forty-eight more hours until that special day where we all have to engage in some kind of enforced slushiness with our other halves, spend far too much on overpriced flowers that will be dead within a week, eat too many chocolates, bought by well meaning spouses, and dress up to the nines to go out for dinner in overcrowded restaurants, where they have squeezed in extra tables and bumped up the prices just because they were booked up months ago. Can you tell I am not a massive fan of Valentine’s Day? Don’t get me wrong, I love romance (take note, husband dear) but I just don’t like the commercialism and the presumption that we have to partake. I personally prefer to have spontaneous displays of romance all year round (and anyone who knows me will know that I am prone to this anyway, and much prefer when Mr turns up with a bunch of flowers for no reason – even more so if they are price reduced!)

valentine playlistAll that said, clearly I will be doing something for Valentine’s Day, because, well, you just can’t not, can you? For us it will be dinner a deux at Chez Clairey, and I have the menu planned already. What I haven’t decided on yet is the playlist to our evening … which I am hoping is where you will help me out. For, if music be the food of love, we’ll be pretty darned hungry come Thursday evening! Songs that are special to us are:

Savage Garden – Truly, Madly Deeply
Sarah McLoughlan – Ice Cream (this was our first dance at our wedding)
David Gray – This Years Love

and err… that’s about all that I can think of. So, please help, readers, and tell me your most romantic songs. Please? If nothing else because I am going to look pretty silly if I just play those 3 on repeat all evening! What will you be doing (or listening to) this Valentine’s Day?

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